Our highly motivated team can meet all investments, building management, building tenant improvements and financing needs of our diversified clientele which ranges from condominium and residential property owners, to commercial and office buildings harboring high tech businesses and international corporations.
We are also proud to say that we have a long and successful history in building and managing medical clinics.


1- A 24-hour emergency service center always active to remedy of any unexpected problems.
2- Daily inspection of mechanical and electrical components thus avoiding breakdowns and major repairs.
3- Regular checking of the building by the management’s staff.
4- Leasehold improvements and energy savings programs.
5- Preventive maintenance program that meets the business standards and the municipal & government regulations.
6- Efficient advertising and follow up by professionals to achieve the highest rate of occupancy.  
7- M.L.S system available and well managed by our CANLIB real estate agency. Our properties are seen by all real estate agencies and thousands of brokers.
8- Meticulous screening of potential tenants, credit checks and financial strength.
9- Continuing policy to insure long term and stable tenants.
10- Negotiation of renewals and lease increases.
11- Hiring of stable and experienced maintenance crew & janitors.
12- Direct contact with condo-owners & tenants to ensure that they are well served and that the condo fees and rents are cashed without delay.
13- Negotiation and signing of all maintenance contracts by experts in construction and management fields.
14- Efficient accounting system in place to give the owners clear and up-to-date results about their investments.
15- Monthly financial reports with our experts’ recommendations.
16- Preparation of payrolls, deductions at sources and tax pays.
17- Preparation of preliminary annual financial statements for year end results.
18- Preparation of rental board cases and defending them.
19- Handling financial and legal needs of our customers by our association with experienced and reputable accounting and legal firms.
20- Protesting and reducing of building evaluations to lower municipal and school taxes.